A Friendly Welcome

My name is Daniela Filmer and I'm a self-employed Private Duty Caregiver, serving the Senior Communities of Albany, New York and it's surrounding areas. I have cared for many people over the years, in independent living facilities, assisted living and skilled nursing facilities, as well as private residences.

A little more about me:

I have been providing home care since 2007 and have built an excellent reputation for providing quality compassionate and reliable care to my clients.

I have cared for numerous patients on hospice care in private residences. I have also been caring for clients who reside in other independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing facilities in the area, in addition to private residences.


Elder care; companion care, palliative and hospice care; errands, accompany to doctor's appointments.

Transportation provided for certain clients, depending on their mobility, as my vehicle is fully insured for transporting clients.

Referrals to caregivers when I am too booked to take on a new case.

$25/hour is charged for day rates, with a minimum two hour charge, within Albany. For cases outside of the area, 4 hour minimum, or more, depending on how much farther out from Albany the case is located. Cases farther away require a gas stipend to be paid separately from the invoiced amount for care each week. GasBuddy.com is typically used to calculate the amount charged for gas stipend.

RE: Minimum charge: if your loved one is settled & situated before the minimum hours are over, and caregiver is dismissed for the remainder of the shift, the minimum charge would still be invoiced.

$30/hr - $35/hr is charged for hours between 11 pm-7am, depending on the activity level of the shift.

(Completely awake overnights are always 35/hr.)

$35/hr - $45/hr for Couples, depending on the level of care and how extensive needs are.

Time and a half is charged on the following holidays:

    • 12 midnight - 12 midnight Easter, July 4th, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving

    • 7am Christmas Eve Day through Christmas Day, until 7am Dec 26th

    • 7am from New Year's Eve Day through New Year's Day until 7am Jan 2nd

CANCELLATIONS 100% of the booking is charged for last minute cancellations.

48 hrs notice is needed for no charge to be incurred.

47-25 hrs notice is billed at 50% of the booking.

Anything less than 24 hrs notice is billed at 100% of the booking.

This makes it fair where we meet in the middle.

Please note: there is no cancellation policy when the client passes away.

Fill-ins provided on an as-needed basis. Since life can be unpredictable and things happen, please know that I am acquainted with numerous excellent caregivers and am happy to refer a fill-in, unless the family would rather handle such occasions.

All clients are encouraged to file a 1099 at the end of each tax year.

An invoice will be emailed to you every week, usually late on Sunday evenings, or, worst case scenario, on Monday mornings. I welcome checks being mailed, left at the home, or direct deposit into my checking account, so please indicate how payment would be made weekly.

Background Checks. I have 3 background checks on file with Care.com, one from July 2016, Apr 2015 and one from Nov 2014. Upon request, you may also initiate a background check request and have first access to the results of the background check. In this day and age, anyone can mock up anything on a computer, and make it look official. This way, you can rest assured that the results are legitimate and 100% real. Also you will be reimbursed for the cost of the background check up to $75.00. (Most background checks cost between $20 - $50).

Drug Testing. I am willing to submit to drug testing (including a hair follicle drug test) at any time, random or otherwise.

PLEASE NOTE: Homes with firearms will not be considered.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask anything.

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